Research Day

4. Juni 2018
12:30:00 Various waLBerla + PE developers Introduction to the functionality of waLBerla and PE (internal)
13:30:00 Prof. Vivek Buwa Applications in Chemical Engineering (internal)
14:00:00 Prof. Suman Chakraborty Applications in Microfluidics (internal)
30. Mai 2018
12:30:00 Prof. Vivek Buwa Complex Flows (strategy dicussion, internal)
13:00:00 Prof. Chakraborty Electrokinetic Flows (strategy discussion, internal)
13:30:00 Nils and Dominik B TerraNeo (internal)
14:00:00 Christoph Rettinger Adaptive Grid Refinement and Load Balancing Strategies for Particulate Flow Simulations
15:00:00 Paras Kumar Singularities (internal)
15:30:00 Marco und Jan AlgoKS update (internal)
27. April 2018
15:00:00 Sebastian E Particle Scaling (Internal)
26. April 2018
13:00:00 Marco, Jan Seminar-Vorbesprechung Simulation (Internal)
14:00:00 Dhananjeyan Jeyaraj Dislocation Feature Extraction (Master Thesis)
15:00:00 Marco News from the European Lisp Symposium
25. April 2018
14:00:00 Dominik^2, Nils Architecture of of FE frameworks (Internal)
20. April 2018
10:00:00 Philippe and Daniel R Linear Algebra III (Internal)
11:00:00 Telecon waLBerla for wind turbines (Internal)
12:30:00 Dominik^2, Nils Terra-Neo (Internal)
13:30:00 Dominik B LBM and Multigrid (Internal)
14:30:00 Philippe and Daniel R Linear Algebra IV - Wrap Up (Internal)
19. April 2018
09:30:00 Philippe and Daniel R Linear Algebra I (Internal)
10:30:00 Dominik T Terra-Neo (Internal)
12:00:00 Paras Kumar Singularities (Internal)
13:00:00 Harald, Harald, Julia, Alexandra, Iris CoSaS (Internal)
14:00:00 Christoph R Particulate Flows (Internal)
15:00:00 Telecon waLBerla for free surface flows (Internal)
16:00:00 Philippe and Daniel R Linear Algebra II (Internal)
17. April 2018
14:00:00 Philippe Leleux (CERFACS/IRIT) Variants of Block-Cimmino and Multigrid
13. April 2018
11:00:00 Paras Kumar Singularities (Internal)
12. April 2018
09:00:00 Marco Heisig PetaLisp
10:00:00 Jan Hönig Automatisieren von Benchmarks und Analysen mit Gitlab und Grafana
12:00:00 Nils Internal
12:30:00 Sebastian Internal
13:00:00 Terra-Neo Internal
13:30:00 Dominik B Internal
14:00:00 Algo KS Tutoren Internal
15:00:00 Damian Swientek Interactive Visualization of Shallow Water Equation Solvers (Bachelor Antrittsvortrag)
16:00:00 Vikrant Dahiya Image Super-Resolution using Sparse Representations (Masterarbeit)
15. März 2018
14:00:00 Carola Kruse (CERFACS, Toulouse) “An inner-outer iterations approach based on the Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization method applied to saddle point problems”
15:00:00 Paul Mycek (CERFACS, Toulouse) “Multilevel Monte Carlo covariance estimation: application to global sensitivity analysis in the context of open-channel flow simulations”
16:00:00 Martin Kühn (Institut für Mathematik, Universität Köln) “On an efficient parallel implementation of adaptive FETI-DP” (Abstract)
1. März 2018
09:00:00 Parnters from Aachen Project meeting (Internal)
10:00:00 Diverse CoSaS Vorbereitung (Internal)
11:00:00 Victor Risso Master Project on code generation in waLBerla
14:00:00 Xiaoming He Modeling and numerical PDEs for several frontier engineering challenges
15:00:00 Stephan Seitz Kopplung von Bildrekonstruktion und Fluid-Simulation in waLBerla
16:00:00 Richard Angersbach Generating an Interface for Parallel Multigrid Solvers and VisIt (Bachelor Thesis)
17:00:00 Santiago Rendon Simulation of Particle Agglomeration with the Lattice Boltzmann Method (Master Thesis)
28. Februar 2018
13:00:00 Paras Kumar Singularities (Internal)
13:30:00 Christoph Schwarzmeier Applications of the LBM (Internal)
15:00:00 Dominik B Scaling Lscaling LBM for electrorheological flowsBM for electrorheological flows (Internal)
15:30:00 Sebastian E Parallel particle methods (Internal)
16:00:00 Ayate Singularities (Internal)
2. Februar 2018
13:00:00 Dominik B&T, Nils K Terra-Neo (Internal)
14:00:00 Kalle Dirsch Molekulardynamik
15:00:00 Paras Kumar Wärmeleitung und Parallelisierung in der Zeit
16:00:00 Johann Zenk Strömungsmechanik
1. Februar 2018
10:30:00 Sebastian Algorithmen der Linearen Algebra (Internal)
11:00:00 Harald, Alexandra, Dominik B., usw CoSaS (Internal)
12:30:00 Dominik B Elektrorheologische Strömungen (Internal)
13:00:00 Paras Kumar Singularities with Finite Elements (Internal)
13:30:00 Martin B Program Generation (Internal)
14:00:00 Markus Obereisenbuchner Generating Visualization Functions for Parallel Multigrid Solvers (Masterarbeit, Abschluss)
15:00:00 Mathias Harrer Spieltheorie
16:00:00 Erik Domme Verkehrssimulation I
17:00:00 Janina Braun Verkehrssimulation II
31. Januar 2018
14:00:00 Christian Lattice Boltzmann Methoden mit CERFACS und Airbus (Internal)
14:30:00 Martin B Schaumsimulation Antrag (Internal)
12. Januar 2018
10:00:00 Diverse Lebensmittelschäume (Telco) (Internal)
12:00:00 Martin B Project hypothesis (Internal)
12:30:00 Christian G Threaded LBM (Internal)
13:00:00 Paras Kumar Singularities (Internal)
14:00:00 Marco H Simulation (diverse Seminarteilnehmer) (Internal)
11. Januar 2018
13:00:00 Diverse Vorträge auf der SIAM PP (Internal)
14:00:00 Diverse Konf-Vorbereitung (CoSaS, Sept) (Internal)
15:00:00 Dominik B, Dominik T, Nils Terra-Neo Projekt-Review (Internal)
16:00:00 Nils Discussions (Internal)
16:30:00 Christoph R Particle Suspensions (Internal)
17:00:00 Sebastian E Parallel multibody dynamics (Internal)
18:00:00 Florian S Adaptivity and Load Balancing (Internal)
14. Dezember 2017
14:00:00 Denis Ribica HPC-Framework vs. Code Generation - Which is Better? (Antrittsvortrag Bachelorarbeit)
13. Dezember 2017
13:00:00 Nils, Dominik Terra-Neo, Geophysik (Internal)
7. Dezember 2017
09:00:00 Tobias Leemann Effiziente Kollisionserkennung für konvexe Körper in parallelen Simulationen (Abschlussvortrag Bachelor)
10:00:00 Vasanth Baskar Complex Crystalline Geometries – Simulating Particle Filters (Abschlussvortrag Master)
12:30:00 Sebastian+Christoph Abschlussarbeiten Partikel und Strömung (Internal)
13:00:00 Martin LBM program generation and beyond (Internal)
23. November 2017
09:30:00 Martin Foam Simulations (Internal)
10:00:00 Sebastian E Scaling of Particle Simulations (Internal)
10:30:00 Christian G Block-Thread LBM Performance (Internal)
11:00:00 Nils, Dominik^2 Geo-LBM (Internal)
14:00:00 Martin B Automatic Generation of LBM Applications (Part II)
15:00:00 Prof. A. Wierschem Complex Flows (Guest Lecture followed by a Discussion)
16. November 2017
09:00:00 Prof. Harting, Dr. Bogner + waLBerla Team LBM-Diskussion (Internal)
10:00:00 Martin Bauer Deriving LBM from Statistical Mechanics
13:00:00 Christian G Block-threaded LBM implementation (Internal)
13:30:00 Dominik B. + Nils LBM für Stokes (Internal)
14:00:00 Dominik^2 + Nils TerraNeo - Software Design - Benchmarking (Internal)
15. November 2017
13:00:00 Markus Obereisenbuchner ExaStencils + Visualisierung (Masterarbeit Antrittsvortrag)
14:00:00 Max Gerecke Implementierung des TGV Algorithmus mithilfe von ExaSlang (Bachelorarbeit Abschlussvortrag)
15:00:00 Dominik S + Christoph R Fluid-Partikel Validierung (Internal)
15:30:00 Nils Resilience mit partner-copy checkpointing (Internal)
9. November 2017
10:30:00 Sebastian E Synchonizing Large Particles (Internal)
11:00:00 Dominik B Complex Flows (Internal)
11:30:00 Nils Rollback Resilience (Internal)
12:00:00 Christoph R Particles in Flow (Internal)
13:00:00 Sebastian Friedemann (Grenoble) Developing a steering approach to constrain high-resoluton water resources modeling over West Africa (Antrittsvortrag externe Masterarbeit)
15:00:00 Jonas Schmitt AnyDSL for Molecular Dynamics (Abschlussvortrag)
16:00:00 Marco Heisig (und Nico Neuss, Harald K.) Diskussionsrunde zu LISP im HPC
26. Oktober 2017
14:00:00 Qi Qi Deep Learning
15:00:00 Dominik S+ Christoph R Particle ladden flows (Internal)
15:30:00 Nils und Dominik T Instationary Simulations in TinyHHG (Internal)
19. Oktober 2017
13:00:00 Sebastian E Optimization for granular systems (Internal)
13:30:00 Marco Symbolic Construction of 3D Stencils (Internal)
14:00:00 Daniel, Dominik B, Dominik T, Nils Terra-Neo: Aspects of the New Design (Internal)
15:00:00 Harald and guest researcher Qi Qi Joint projects (Internal)
5. Oktober 2017
13:00:00 Marco + Uli Stencil-Optimierungen (Internal)
14:00:00 Martin + waLBerla LBM Theorie (Internal)
15:00:00 Nils (Internal)
15:30:00 Terra-Neo: Stand der SW-Entwicklung Nils, Dominik B+T (Internal)
16:00:00 Dominik B Elektrophorese - Paper (Internal)
21. September 2017
14:00:00 Pascal Costanza, IMEC Belgium Performance comparison of a DNA sequencing tool in four different programming languages
15:00:00 Marco Heisig Petalisp
16:00:00 Nicolas Neuß Interactive High-Performance-Computing
16:30:00 Kai Selgrad, LS 9, Informatik, FAU C-Mera: Lisp outside the Box
25. August 2017
10:00:00 Ayate Energy correction for elliptic problems (Internal)
10:30:00 Dominik B Electrorheology simulations (Internal)
11:00:00 Christian + Dominik S LBM for Airbus (Internal)
23. August 2017
14:00:00 Mario Arioli, CERFACS, Toulouse Generalized Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization and stopping criteria
15:00:00 Constantin Popa, Ovidius University Constanta, Romania Parallel solution of sparse linear least squares problems
11. August 2017
09:00:00 Marco AlgoKS (Internal)
10:00:00 Christian G. SIAM PP (Internal)
10:30:00 Ayate Singularities (Internal)
11:00:00 Dominik B. SIAM PP & electrorheology (Internal)
10. August 2017
14:00:00 Jan Hönig LLVM Code Generation (Masterarbeit Abschlussvortrag)
16:00:00 Sebastian E Synchonizing large particles (Internal)
28. Juli 2017
10:00:00 Marco / Jonas AlgoKS (Internal)
11:00:00 Vivek Kumar (Internal)
13:00:00 Markus Huber Resilience, MG, Error Estimators (Internal)
14:00:00 Daniel, Dominik, Dominik, Nils TerraNeo (Internal)
15:00:00 Ayate Singularities (Internal)
15:30:00 Christian G. LBM (Internal)
16:00:00 Dominik S. & Brajesh & Christoph Particles, Fluidized Beds (Internal)
16:30:00 Dominik B. Charged particles (Internal)
4. Juli 2017
14:00:00 Christoph Rettinger DSFD Talk
14:45:00 Brajesh Singh and Dominik Schuster DSFD Talk
15:30:00 Martin Bauer DSFD Talk
3. Juli 2017
16:00:00 Carola Kruse, CERFACS, Toulouse High order space-time finite element schemes for the dynamics of viscoelastic soft tissue
17:00:00 Paul Mycek, CERFACS, Toulouse Resilient PDE solving approaches for exascale computing
30. Juni 2017
10:30:00 Dominik S, Prof. V. Buwa, C. Rettinger Particulate flows (Internal)
13:00:00 Paras Kumar Finite Element solvers with multipoint constraints, FE with singularities (Internal)
14:00:00 Dr. Vivek Kumar Singularly perturbed differential equations on graded meshes (Internal)
15:00:00 Dominik B Electrophoretic and electroosmotic flow (Internal)
22. Juni 2017
10:30:00 Prof. Buwa, Dominik S, Christoph R Particulate Flows (Internal)
21. Juni 2017
12:30:00 Dominik Bartuschat Lab on a chip proposal (Internal)
13:00:00 Nils, Dominik T, Dominik B News from TerraNeo (Internal)
20. Juni 2017
15:00:00 Vicktor Haag Advektion freier Ober ächen basierend auf der Volume-of-Fluid-Methode (Abschlussvortrag Masterarbeit)
16:00:00 Nils Kohl Resilience in LBM (Internal)