Sebastian Kuckuk, M. Sc.

Büro Cauerstraße 11
Telefon +49 9131 85 67294
Fax +49 9131 85 28928
Adresse Cauerstraße 11

Current Involvements


  • Currently, my main focus lies in project ExaStencils. Within its scope I research ways to automatically generate source code for data structures and communication functions used in highly parallel geometric multigrid solvers.

Indo-European Winter Academy

Offered Theses

Available Theses:

  • Code Generation vs HPC Framework - Which is better? Details
  • Generating Visualization Functions for Parallel Multigrid Solvers Details
  • Generating an Interface for Parallel Multigrid Solvers and VisIt Details
  • Code Generation for Algorithms in Image Processing Details

  • Additional theses are offered by Christian Schmitt
  • Further topics upon consultation

Reserved and Running Theses:

Finished Theses:

  • J. Isnardy, Specification and Partitioning of Computational Domains for Generated Geometric Multigrid Solvers, Master Thesis
    S. Kuckuk, H. Köstler
  • M. Welscher, Generating IDE Support for Multiple Domain Specific Languages, Bachelor Thesis
    S. Kuckuk, C.Schmitt, H. Köstler
  • O. Kravchuk, Automatic Performance Measurements and Data Evaluation for Highly Parallel Codes, Master Thesis
    S. Kuckuk, H. Köstler
  • A. Däubler, Interactive Visualization and Simulation of Fluids, Bachelor Thesis
    S. Bogner, S. Kuckuk, U. Rüde
  • K. Loh, Solving Stochastic PDEs with Approximate Gaussian Markov Random Fields using Different Programming Environments, Master Thesis
    S. Kuckuk, B. Gmeiner, H. Köstler and U. Rüde


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Past Involvements


The framework for Visualization and Interactivity for Physics Engines in Real-Time, for short VIPER, provides an interface between different physical simulations, the visualization of their results and the user, who can influence both through computational steering. The framework's origin lies in the master thesis Visualization and Interactivity for Physics Engines in Real-Time.
Currently implemented simulation modules:
  • OpenCL interface and utility classes for managing buffers and kernels
  • CUDA interface and utility classes for managing buffers and kernels
  • OpenCL based DEM simulator for spherical particles
  • OpenCL based SPH simulator
  • Interface to a remotely executed PE simulation
  • Interface to a remotely executed waLBerla simulation
  • CUDA based 2D Multi-Grid solver for different image processing applications
Currently implemented visualization modules:
  • DirectX 10 interface and utility classes for managing buffers, textures and shaders
  • Deferred shading renderer for rigid bodies
  • Visualization slice rendering for 3D grid data
  • Renderer for SPH simulations
  • Renderer for the visualization of 2D Multi-Grid methods
Currently implemented steering modules:
  • Kinect interface for skeleton tracking functionality
  • DirectInput 8 interface
  • Speech Recognition module using Microsoft Speech SDK
Currently implemented applications:
  • Interactive simulation working with all rigid body and fluid dynamic simulations
  • LabSphere, a game like application
  • PushAround, a game like application
  • An interactive Multi-Grid application