Degenhardt, Regina Advanced Lattice Boltzmann Models for the Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes Download
Fattahi, Ehsan High performance simulation of fluid flow in porous media using lattice Boltzmann method Download
Bogner, Simon Direct Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Gas-Solid Flows Based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method Download
Kuschel, Christian High-performance simulation of nation-sized smart grids in demand response scenarios Download
Bartuschat, Dominik Direct Numerical Simulation of Particle-Laden Electrokinetic Flows on High-Performance Computers Download
Pickl, Kristina Fully Resolved Simulation of Self-propelled Microorganisms on Supercomputers Download
Gradl, Tobias Data Structures and Algorithms for the Optimization of Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Methods Download
Ritter, Daniel Multilevel Adaptive Techniques for Higher-Order Finite Differences in Elliptic Problems with Interfaces Download
Graupeter, Thomas Analyse der spannungsinduzierten Doppelbrechung in Laserkristallen und deren Einfluss auf Laserresonatoren Download
Preclik, Tobias Models and Algorithms for Ultrascale Simulations of Non-smooth Granular Dynamics Download
Stürmer, Markus Performance Engineering of Numerical Software on Multi- and Manycore Processors Download
Yan, Shuai Numerical Analysis and Application of Time-harmonic Inverse Iterative Method on Simulation of Plasmonic Effects in Silver Nanowire Films Download
Gmeiner, Björn Design and Analysis of Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Methods for Peta-Scale Systems and Beyond Download
Götz, Jan Massively Parallel Direct Numerical Simulation of Particulate Flows Download
Feichtinger, Christian Design and Performance Evaluation of a Software Framework for Multi-Physics Simulations on Heterogeneous Supercomputers Download
Donath, Stefan Wetting Models for a Parallel High-Performance Free Surface Lattice Boltzmann Method Download
Berneker, Britta Dynamische Simulation von Halbleiterlasern basierend auf neuartigen Finiten Elementen Download
Iglberger, Klaus Software Design of a Massively Parallel Rigid Body Framework Download
Eitzinger, Jan Efficiency Improvements of Iterative Numerical Algorithms on Modern Architectures Download
Fabricius, Uwe A Parallel Algebraic Multigrid for Finite Element Discretizations of the Poisson Equation Download
Köstler, Harald A Multigrid Framework for Variational Approaches in Medical Image Processing and Computer Vision Download
Pohl, Thomas High Performance Simulation of Free Surface Flows Using the LatticeBoltzmann Method Download
Härdtlein, Jochen Moderne Expression Templates Programmierung - Weiterentwickelte Techniken und deren Einsatz zur Lösung partieller Differentialgleichungen Download
Thürey, Nils Physically based Animation of Free Surface Flows with the Lattice Boltzmann Method Download
Bergen, Benjamin Hierarchical Hybrid Grids: Data Structures and Core Algorithms for Efficient Finite Element Simulations on Supercomputers
Kowarschik, Markus Data Locality Optimizations for Iterative Numerical Algorithms and Cellular Automata on Hierarchical Memory Architectures Download
Mohr, Marcus Simulation of Bioelectric Fields: The Forward and Inverse Problem of Electro-encephalographic Source Analysis